Friday, August 11, 2006

The Ups and Downs of Being a Juvenile PD

You know what is not fun about juvenile work? Standing in between a 16-year-old kid and his mother as they argue about whether or not he really missed his curfew two weeks ago, or if he was in later than the standard curfew time because he was working, or if he was just saying he was working when, really, he was with his friends, or, if she is just making it up because she's mad at him for not helping her with her social services paperwork so she can get her monthly check. And doing this all because the judge has given you all of 30 minutes to prepare for a contested hearing on the issue of whether the kid has violated his probation.

Earlier that day, I had spent a long time reviewing police reports and medical records in a rape case I was recently assigned.

And, my stomach is still tied up in knots about my "At-Risk Youth" client who is in desperate need of getting the hell out of her parents' house.

And then there was yet another phone call from a parent whose kid has a great case for trial, but he won't stop just being an all-around jerk to his parents.

This job is definitely a whirlwind.


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