Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Turnaround on Bill Gates

In my first year of law practice, I was doing antitrust work, and one of the fun, sexy things I got to do was follow the Microsoft proceedings. When the judge handed down his thousands of pages of findings of fact and conclusions of law, I read them all, and summarized them for the other antitrust attorneys in my firm. (And you wonder why I quit to become a PD?!?) Anyway, that whole experience left me with a less than favorable impression of Bill Gates. Quite less than favorable, actually. But when he and his wife go and do things like this, I can't help but love him. Is it crazy to think that his foundation--along with the generous donations of Warren Buffett--might actually completely revolutionize world health and save millions or billions of lives? I don't think so. It is breathtaking just to imagine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recall that Gates became the richest man in the world not by producing a better product, but by using legal threats to shut down or bankrupt his competitors.

Gates is a modern-day robber baron.

Check the history of anti-trust legislation: John D Rockefeller invented the 'trust', in Standard Oil, a national monopoly, that all that legislation was created to oppose.

8/09/2006 5:35 PM  
Blogger 123txpublicdefender123 said...

I do recall that which is why I said I had a very unfavorable impression of him after reading the findings in the antitrust case. That said, I can't help but love the fact that he is at least using a large portion of his money to do such wonderful things.

8/09/2006 5:39 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

yeah...bad bad bill. One of my professors followed that case, too. Justice caved.

8/09/2006 11:37 PM  

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