Saturday, September 16, 2006

Too Much to Do!!!

In my life as a public defender, I don't think I've ever had a stretch of weeks where I was as busy as I've been for the past few weeks. "Swamped" would be an understatement. In addition to being under the general pressure of doing the work of three attorneys for a while (I'm down to doing the work of 1 1/2 attorneys now!), I am also in the middle of a decline hearing where the state is seeking to transfer jurisdiction of my client's case to adult court. Needless to say, I have not had much time to blog. I did want to do a few quick hits, though.

*There have been a lot of hits on this blog recently for things like "nancy grace evil" and "nancy grace devil woman." Perhaps it is because of the woman who shot and killed herself after being interviewed on Nancy's show. On one hand, I think people are making unfair accusations against Nancy to say that she directly caused this woman's death. On the other hand, karma is a bitch!

*Skelly, my fellow Washington juvie PD, reports that juvenile crime in our state is down. While we are both happy about this trend, we also worry about the future of our jobs, but only sarcastically, so don't get mad about it!

*Alaskablawg has returned to the world of blogging! But, he's one of them free world lawyers now instead of a PD, so I've moved his link on my site from the PD blogs section to the criminal law blogs section. I never took him off my links, though, because I had faith he would return!

*And last, but certainly not least, if you haven't already seen the Daily Show's take on President Bush's 9/11 anniversary "address to the nation" featuring celebrity translator Little Richard, click below:


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