Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Congress Loves to Play Sports

What is it with Congress and the whole steroid issue? I just don't understand why this is such an urgent issue for the federal government. In the most recent hearings on the NFL steroid policy, one congressman proposed sweeping federal legislation that would regulate steroid testing in all U.S. sports. According to Rep. Tom Davis, while the NFL has a good program, "it is not perfect." I can't think of anything less likely to make something perfect than a federal law to regulate the whole damn thing. What happened to conservatives who believed that the less the federal government was involved in, the better the people were? And if Congress can impose testing regimes and player suspensions and bans in the NFL or NHL or USGA, why can't they also impose steroid and other drug testing regimes on any other industry in the country? I hear drug use is relatively high among doctors. High drug use by physicians endangers patient safety. So, Congress should be able to impose random drug testing and suspensions of medical licenses for all doctors, right?


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