Tuesday, April 26, 2005

If You're Not Pretty and White . . .

TalkLeft asks why Lisa Eatmon's case has gotten very little news coverage? (I would note, however, that there have been a few stories about the case in the Metropolitan and New York Region sections of the The New York Times.) Like Laci Peterson, she was 8 months pregnant when she was murdered, and dumped in the water. Like Laci Peterson, the expectant father has been charged with her murder. Even more salacious than the Peterson case, the alleged killer of Ms. Eatmon had a previous wife who died under mysterious circumstances. Unlike Laci Peterson, though, you haven't heard about Ms. Eatmon every morning on Today and Good Morning America, or every night on Larry King and On the Record. I'm not sure if TalkLeft's question is rhetorical, because the answer to me seems fairly obvious: Lisa Eatmon is not a pretty, white woman. Am I missing something?


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