Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dallas PD Turned a Blind Eye to Informant Problems Years Before Fake Drug Scandal

Evidence continues to grow that the Dallas Police Department was well aware of the problems with its procedures for handling confidential informants in its narcotics division years before the massive fake-drug scandal perpetrated by informants and (at least recklessly) detectives ensared many innocents. The Dallas Morning News has a very thorough article detailing the latest damning information, including the fact that the report documenting the informant problems years earlier was apparently never turned over to the independent panel investigating the scandal. The money quote comes from the supervisor of the lieutenant who prepared the damning report:
John Haley, a retired captain who supervised Lt. Cooper in 1998, said that he didn't remember his subordinate mentioning any problems uncovered in narcotics but that the lieutenant was known for being abrasive and stepping on people's toes.

"I was hearing from other people, other captains, that he was going around in their divisions ruffling feathers," Mr. Haley said. "And nitpicking on things."
Ruffling feathers? Nitpicking on things? This makes me want to throw up.


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