Friday, September 16, 2005

Law & Order in New Orleans

Update: Well, the AARP and FEMA couldn't get the judge who set this poor lady's bond to even return a phone call. But, one story on the AP wire and a judge quickly ordered her released on a personal recognizance bond. Now, I want to know who the original judge was, and what is going to be done about him or her. Setting bond at $50,000 for a 73-year-old woman charged with a crime with a maximum punishment of $500 is a gross abuse of power that should not be tolerated.
Original post:

A 73-year-old woman was arrested and charged with looting $63 worth of food from a New Orleans deli shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Even though the charge is a fine-only offense, the judge set her bond at $50,000--100 times the maximum fine she could be given if convicted. She is currently being housed in a state-prison with convicted felons. The owner of the store doesn't want her prosecuted, and witnesses indicate that she didn't take anything from the store at all. I guess I should be relieved that the N.O.P.D. didn't take Tom's advice and just shoot her.


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