Tuesday, September 13, 2005

FBI Violates Its Own Snitch Rules 9 Times Out of 10

A little while back, it was discovered that the FBI had not been handling their confidential informants very well. You know, stuff like tipping off organized crime figures to sealed indictments against them so they can flee, letting informants kill people, and then letting innocent people be convicted and sentenced to life in prison for those murders. No biggie. Anyway, in response to the public outcry over these failures, the FBI instituted some very strict rules to ensure proper use and oversight of snitches. As you might expect, everything is now running smoothly. Or not. According to a report in the New York Times, an investigation by the Department of Justice's Inspector General revealed that the FBI has been violating their own rules on confidential informants in 87% of their cases. But no need to worry because, according to the G-man who oversees the program, most of these violations were "not because of mal-intent but just the press of administrative requirements, and overlooking them." So, you know, they're not intentionally breaking the rules. They're just not bothering to learn them in the first place.


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