Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson Not Guilty on All Counts

As you probably already know, Michael Jackson was found not guilty of all charges today. A huge victory for the defense, and a major defeat for the prosecution, obviously. I think the DA has only himself to blame here. He was so obsessed with convicting Jackson of child molestation that he bought into the ridiculous story being sold by the alleged victim and his family in this case, including the strangest criminal conspiracy I've ever seen alleged, and seemed blinded to the glaring weaknesses and problems with the case. Prosecutors sometimes like to say that they don't pick their victims--they come with the credibility problems they have. But, that's not true. They picked these victims when they believed them sufficiently to bring charges against Jackson based on their allegations. I'm sure there are a lot of prosecutors around the country who never would have brought this case. And, just to brag on myself, a little, I'll point you back to this earlier post where I said that it was starting to look like a defense rout.


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