Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Conspiracy of Dunces

This whole alleged conspiracy in the Michael Jackson case is the weirdest conspiracy I've ever heard of. After today, I think there have now been four or five witnesses who testified that they spoke with the alleged victim's mother by phone during the time she was at Neverland, and she either directly stated she was being held against her will or sounded afraid. Yet, none of these people ever called the police. She also never called the police herself. Oh, and she went to the movies, and on shopping sprees, and all over town, and never told anyone she was being held against her will. Does anyone, other than the lame-brained DAs who brought the case, actually believe this wacky story? Meanwhile, the judge seems determined to get Jackson convicted, only to have it reversed on appeal. Today, when the mom took the 5th about some welfare fraud accusations during cross-examination, the judge decided the questions were irrelevant, that the rest of her testimony would still stand, and that the jury was not to draw any negative inference from her taking the 5th. In the words of one of my favorite veteran judges here, "Counselor, where'd you go to law school?"