Thursday, May 19, 2005

It's Starting to Look Like a Rout

While much of the media obsessed over whether Larry King got to testify in the Michael Jackson case, the testimony that actually was presented seems to have been another devastating blow to the prosecution's case. The latest witness was a close friend of the family who completely decimated the accuser's mother's claims of false imprisonment and extortion. I wonder what it is like as a prosecutor to sit there and listen to testimony from someone who cared about your "victim" so much she was crying at the beginning of her testimony, but who goes on to completely contradict the heart of your case. I also wonder if the prosecutors bothered to talk to this woman before they brought these charges. Or, if they bothered to talk to many of the other defense witnesses--like the orthodontist whom the mother says she took the children to in an attempt to escape Neverland, but who testified that she just took the braces off the kids, and no one ever said anything about being held against their will or even asked to use the phone? As the defense case builds to a crescendo, the prosecution's case just seems to get more and more hopeless.