Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Alleged Drug-Dealing DA Indicted on New Charges

Rick Roach, a former West Texas District Attorney currently awaiting sentencing on federal charges, was indicted on state drug-dealing charges today. Roach was a very active prosecutor against evil drug dealers in his district. The problem was that Roach seemed to be doing and dealing drugs himself. His own secretary apparently became an informant against him, telling of him shooting up in her presence right in his office. From other articles I've read, it appears that Roach had a very serious drug addiction. I feel sorry for him the same way I feel sorry for my clients in the throes of that addiction. The problem with Mr. Roach is that he showed no mercy to individuals he prosecuted with addicitions like his. He repeatedly asked judges and juries to throw the book at them--and they did. He now stands charged with offenses for which he could get (although I doubt he will) life in prison. It will be interesting to see what kind of plea for mercy he makes when he stands before the court.


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