Monday, May 02, 2005

Nancy Knows All!

Because I just can't resist every opportunity to highlight what's wrong with Nancy Grace, I had to include these comments from Nancy on the Jennifer Wilbanks case. Not surprisingly, Nancy has been all over this media circus from the beginning. But before Jennifer turned up safe, Nancy threw in her two cents. On her April 28th show, Nancy commented:

"Well, look, I don`t have a degree in being a police chief. But I can tell you this much: This is not cold feet, all right? This is not cold feet. I know that much."
You tell 'em, Nancy! And, the next day, Nancy had this enlightening conversation with Jennifer's father:

GRACE: With us, everyone, is Harris Wilbanks. Mr. Wilbanks is the father of Jennifer Wilbanks. Sir, we are flashing her photo for viewers to take a look. Mr. Wilbanks, this sounds completely unlike Jennifer to just disappear. I just don`t believe it`s a case of cold feet.

WILBANKS: Right now, I would hope and pray it would be a case of cold feet.

GRACE: Yes, sir.

WILBANKS: I don`t think that`s what it is, but I would certainly welcome that at this point in time.

Just hours later, Jennifer showed up in Albuquerque, reporting that she had been kidnapped. And hours after that, as you all know, she broke down and admitted that she had just run away--a case of cold feet. I'll be tuning in to Nancy's show tonight to see her eat crow. Hey, a girl can dream, right?


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