Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quick Stuff

Work is super-busy at the moment, so here's a quick summary of stuff to check out:

*The TV critics at Salon don't like Nancy Grace any more than I do. Well, maybe a little more, but not much.

*Sarena Straus at Prosecutor Post-Script answers my question about what happens to people who make up allegations of child sexual abuse. The gist: pretty much nothing, although she wishes more could be done.

*Grits for Breakfast is back from vacation!

*The DVD of Veronica Mars, Season 2 is released today! Go buy it. And buy the first season, too, which is even better. And then, be sure to watch the premiere of the season three on the CW on October 3. Don't be scared away by thinking it's just a teenage show. It is not. It is smart and dark and twisted and funny and you will love it.

*Speaking of TV, Television Without Pity has been unveiling their lineup of new fall shows they will recap. I like to use it as a guide for what to watch in the new season. So far, they've got Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Six Degrees, Heroes, Ugly Betty, Kidnapped, and Friday Night Lights.

*And finally, an update on this cryptic post of mine from a little while back. She didn't tell social services anything. I found out yesterday that they only interviewed her while her mother was sitting right there with her. I'm no expert on interviewing potential victims of child abuse, but that strikes me as incompetent. I'm pissed.


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