Thursday, August 11, 2005

Just in Case You're Wondering, Nancy Grace is Still Evil

Last night, Nancy was doing a story titled, "Model Murdered by Millionaire Boyfriend." During the course of her "discussion" about the case, it came out that the woman wasn't a model, but was telling her husband she was going on modeling assignments as a cover for her extramarital affair. Of course, "Woman Pretending to be a Model So She Can Have an Affair Murdered by Millionaire Boyfriend" doesn't make for a great tag line. Anyway, the suspect has apparently fled to Mexico and Nancy was railing about how it will be impossible to extradict him if he is caught in Mexico unless California takes the death penalty off the table. The defense attorney on the panel had the nerve to mention that the case may not have any of the aggravating factors that would make it a death penalty case (you know, things like murder of a police officer, murder committed in the course of committing another felony, etc.). Nancy's response: "He beat her to death with a baseball bat! That's pretty aggravating to me!" Silly defense attorney! He forgot that one of the aggravating factors that make an offense death-eligible in California is if the offense aggravates Nancy Grace. Later in the discussion, the defense attorney said that this was a domestic homicide, and before he could finish his sentence about how more needs to be done about domestic violence, Nancy cut him off, shouting, "So, defense attorney 'John Smith' [I can't remember his actual name] is stating that if a woman is murdered by her husband or lover, that case does not deserve the death penalty." The silly defense attorney tried to respond that he does not believe any case deserves the death penalty because he is opposed to it, but that he was not saying that a domestic homicide---BAM!---Nancy cuts him off again to shout that he is now trying to change the subject to the death penalty and she won't hear it.

Question: Why do defense attorneys ever agree to go on Nancy's show? Judging by the defense attorneys she has had on recently--not your usual defense attorney talking heads--I'm guessing that it is just defense lawyers desperate for media attention. The top gun defense attorneys appear to be boycotting her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace is the MOST hate filled person on TV. Her show is sooo fake. As far as why do defense attorneys go on her show? They are probably just actors who Nancy pays to act like total slobbering dumb slobs, so Nancy can beat up on them and try to show her brilliant performance. People like Nancy spread hatred across the world whereever they go. I feel soooo sorry for those twins having such a hate filled mom.

9/22/2008 7:16 PM  

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