Monday, August 01, 2005

Sham Trials

When is it time to call these military "tribunals" the sham trials that they are? How about when two top prosecutors think the "judicial system" in which they are attempting to prosecute is rigged to ensure conviction? How about when one of those prosecutors cannot bring himself to sign a brief to a court attesting to the fact that process is fair? How about when those two prosecutors quit altogether in protest? It's time.

FYI, these are the very same tribunals that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts ruled were constitutional. Of course, I doubt he had the benefit of these prosecutors statements when he made that decision.

My favorite part of the NY Times article on the subject is the response of the top military prosecutor. He says that he has great respect for both of these officer-lawyers, but that their statements about the tribunals are "monstrous lies." How on earth can you have respect for people who tell "monstrous lies?" About you?


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