Friday, June 24, 2005

911 Hall of Shame

Here's the scenario: You're a 9-1-1 dispatcher. You have just received a call from a frantic woman in her car. She reports that she just saw a man in the car behind her being pulled out of his car and being assaulted. Now, she's driving, and the alleged perpetrators are chasing her, trying to get her to stop. As a dispatcher, what do you do?

A. Keep the woman on the line and send police right away.
B. Tell her, "Too bad," and hang up.
C. Instruct her to pull out her gun and shoot the bastards. This is Texas!
D. Send the police with the caveat that you think it's probably just a prank.
E. Tell her that she will have to pull over and stop like the psycho killers are requesting before you can send police because the police won't respond to a moving person.


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