Monday, July 25, 2005

Why Isn't This Murder?

The man British police brutally shot and killed was not, after all, involved in the terrorists plots in that country. Despite initial police statements that he was connected to the bombings, it turns out that he was just on his way to work. It is still not clear why police felt the need to shoot him five times after having already pinned him to the ground, although the initial reports indicated that police were afraid he was going to detonate a suicide bomb. I have yet to see any witness or police statements indicating what he may have done that led them to believe he was attempting to do any such thing. Slate's "Today's Papers" feature also makes a good point on the media coverage of the incident when it notes that the Washington Post put the story about the man connected to the bombing investigation being shot and killed on Page 1, but put the story of his exoneration of Page 24. That is typical in a lot of criminal cases, but it would seem that in this case, the man's exoneration was at least as newsworthy, if not more so, than his actual shooting.


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