Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Hypothetical" Update

Recently, I posted a "hypothetical" for prosecutors out there which related to one of my cases I was struggling with. Here is the short version of facts. Two men were accused of committing a purse snatching. The victim had picked each defendant out of separate photo arrays. One of the men was indisputably innocent--he was in jail at the time of the offense. The other defendant--my client--did not have such a lucky alibi, however, there was no other evidence tying him to the offense. I'm happy to say that the prosecutor dismissed my client's case. I wonder if this line I threw at him had anything to do with it: "You know I don't get many innocent clients. This one is. Do the right thing, please." Hmmmm . . . I suppose you lose credibility if you use that one too often.


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