Monday, July 18, 2005

Rep. "Nonsense"nbrenner Strikes Again

This guy is out of control, and somebody needs to stop him. Legally. Not in the way he, Rep. Tom DeLay and Sen. John Cornyn may think someone needs to stop out of control judges. Sensenbrenner actually wrote a letter to an appellate court demanding that they increase a defendant's sentence, even though the prosecution had not requested any increase in sentence. The letter was completely ex parte (no notice was given to the defendant), and also cited what Sensenbrenner contended was controlling legal precedent. The court refused to obey Emperor Sensenbrenner, however, and isntead, amended their opinion citing a Supreme Court case that explained why they were right and he was wrong. This is just the latest instance of this particular Congressmen being completely out of control when it comes to criminal justice issues. He is also the one who has sponsored the federal law which would make it a crime if any citizen doesn't snitch to the government on any drug activity they know about, and then agree to be an undercover agent for the government in bringing the evildoers to justice. Seriously, somebody stop this man.

Thanks to Indefensible for the link.


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