Saturday, December 24, 2005

I'm Baaaaaack . . .

. . . with a vengeance! So, I'm still in Texas. Still public defending. I'm out of my funk, and ready to resume my ranting and raving. To start things off, check out the Dallas Morning News and local television coverage of my latest outrage--a 69-year-old man named Walter Mann, who I helped get released from jail after he was illegally held for 15 months! When I say he was illegally held, I don't mean he was accused of a crime that we ultimately proved he didn't commit. I mean that a judge jailed him on a writ of attachment and then . . . well, nobody did a damn thing. And so he languished for 15 months. That's when his cellmate and two public defenders took up his cause, and justice finally came. (You can see the CNN/AP rehash here. A follow-up story after the media found Mr. Mann is here.)


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