Wednesday, August 24, 2005

When I Was Hungry, You Fed Me . . .

The mayor of Dallas is upset that its recent panhandling ordinance has failed to reduce panhandling. So, after consulting with police, she has come up with a new, brilliant solution to the problem--ticket the people who give them a buck! That's right. She figures that while the homeless people aren't really deterred by a city ordinance that slaps them with a fine they can't pay, and puts them up at the city jail for a night or two, the people who give money to panhandlers are much more likely to be deterred by a big, fat fine. While the mayor thinks this would be effective, she is a little worried that citizens might not think it's a good idea. She also would need the city council to back it, which seems unlikely. But, stranger things have happened. So, the next time any of you Dallas residents are thinking about dropping a dollar in the guy on the corner's hat, think again! You don't want to be a criminal do you?


Anonymous Mystery Man said...

it's like... treatment, rather than prevention, gets all the votes... and if you can't treat a problem, because you can't prevent it, shift the problem to something you can treat.


10/11/2008 12:51 PM  

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